Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Looking for a Tomboy

I am up early this morning and browsing the internet (when I could be changing the litter box or doing the dishes, or cleaning up the MOUND of Princess stuff that was received by Miss Serious and Miss Silly this birthday weekend) and see an article titled "10 Unusual Work-at-Home Options". They listed things like Tupperware, Big Yellow Box, Bead Retreat, etc. Then I see Tomboy Tools. What an innovative, brilliant idea for a party plan! Now, I'm not looking to JOIN or anything - I've already maxed out my limit for the number of party plans I can join - but if there is a Tomboy in my area, I want her at my home teaching me how to fix things and create things! I think this is so cool.

I've joined Inspired Aroma and am very glad I did so. I am very excited about this little business and see a lot of growth potential for the company. I had my first show and had a lot of fun doing it. I can't wait to do more and get better and really start earning some money for this family. They aren't as big as Pampered Chef or anything yet, no one is earning cruises, but they will get there. A small, Wisconsin-based company can only do so much, right?

The teas and coffees are delicious and I can teach you how to make those expensive Starbucks drinks at home. (Let's not get delusional, I still love me some Starbucks.) It's really cool and people are excited to come to the shows.

Can we get rich on tea and coffee? Stay tuned...

Okay, I suck. I know I suck

Not that this blog is frequented, but I still feel guilty about neglecting it. I had really that that *this* time I was going to do it. I was going to lose that weight.

I am trying to get back On Program this week... with a little luck. A few slip-ups have occured but I am not giving up. I stopped going to WW meetings because 39.95 a month is just a lot for us right now, and since we pay less to go to the YMCA and they have their Y-Weight program there, I couldn't justify the expense.

I've gained back what I lost at WW.

So, we're trying a fresh start. Again.

Watch for the next Future MILF weigh-in on Friday. I was weighed in on Monday at the Y and maybe we'll see some results by then.