Friday, June 29, 2007

Future MILF Weigh-In

Starting Weight: --9
Previous Weight: --2 (down 17)
Current Weight: --6 (down 6)
Total Lost: 23 lbs!

That is, 19 on Kimkins and 4 on my own. WOOO HOO. That is 23 lbs in 25 days!

I woke up on Wednesday morning and had my WOOOOSH! 3 lbs. gone overnight (I think this is due in part to some very strenuous activity just a few short hours before. Hee hee). Amazing!! The Walrus is so proud of me, and that helps me be proud.

People still aren't quite noticing yet, but after I told my best friend about it, she mentioned it to her husband who said I was a hottie (read: I'm gonna be a MILF soon!!) and he could tell I had lost weight. Awesome, baby! Fucking awesome.

We are leaving for Alaska tomorrow and I am determined to stick to my plan. I could probably undo half, or more, of all that I have done and what the hell sense does that make.

I have made it through bonfires w/ smores, birthdays w/ desserts, etc. I can certainly stay on plan while in America's Last Frontier.

I have made little tiny cheats here and there without any real punishment (maybe maintaining when I could have lost), but no more cheating now.

I just had an egg white omelet for lunch, and it looked like dessert:
1/2 c egg whites
Several drops Milk Chocolate Liquid Stevia (an artificial sweetener w/o carbs, calories, sugar)
top with: Redi Whip, Walden Farms Sugar-Free Chocolate Sauce, and perhaps some cinnamon if it floats your boat.

YUMMY!!!!! I took a picture that I'll have to post later (because our real internet took a dump and I'm stealing this signal). I was amazed at how tasty it looked, and how tasty it was.

Probably won't post again until at least a week from now... not sure if I'll have a scale.

Join KIMKINS now, people!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Future MILF Weigh-In

Starting Weight: --9
Previous Weight: --5 (that is, down 14)
Current Weight: --2 (down 3 lbs.)
Total Lost: 17 lbs.

Between losing a pound, gaining it back, losing it again, and staying the same, I am finally down another pound, which for Kimkins that does not seem like a lot. I lost 11 lbs. the first week and 2 lbs. the second week? I am waiting for a serious wooosh here!

Ironically, yesterday I increased my calories by nearly 3x. I unknowingly spent a few days under 300, and prior to that, a few days under 500. Yesterday I kicked it up to 558. I know this sounds low, but when you're in Ketosis, you don't experience much hunger. Just really nasty breath and the feeling as though you have a dirty diaper sitting in your mouth. But hey, nothing tastes as good as thin feels, right? Anyway, so I brought my calorie intake up and lost a pound. I think my body is throwing a temper tantrum, as they say in the Kimkins forums.

I have a goal in mind for my 30th birthday, which is in September. At this rate, I'm a little behind. I am having a hard time accepting that, and am hoping for a larger loss soon. However, I must surrender control to the diet goddesses and stick to my plan and go with the flow.

My major accomplishment: Yesterday, I went to a coffee class/tasting at Starbucks. My good friend was teaching the class. Anyway, when it came time to do food pairings - with carmel, milk chocolate blueberries, and LEMON CAKE - I gracefully declined. I could have eaten it in the name of experimentation of flavors, but I didn't. I avoided Lemon Cake. What? I avoided Lemon Cake????

I have to post pictures. If other people were reading this, I'd be more on top of things. But since this is just for me right now, I don't need to be reminded that I'm still squishy.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Mighty Stall

Oh my, I sure do hope that for my MILF weigh-in tomorrow that the Woooosh Fairy pays me a visit. That is, I have been sitting at a stall with only a 1 lb. loss so far this week. I have been doing so very well on this plan, but I know that these stalls should be expected. I mean, I went from eating well over my recommened daily allowance of calories, to eating a very small amount. I haven't had a food containing wheat or grain or sugar near my lips in nearly two weeks. Something's gotta happen soon.

Oh, Beautiful and Holy Woosh Fairy, please visit my body tonight and grant me a magnificent loss for all this hard work I have been doing!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Future MILF Weigh-In

Start Weight 6/4/07: --9
Current Weight: --5 (but a different --5 than last week)
Pounds lost: 10!!!!!!!!!
Total pounds lost: 14; 4 on my own, 10 on Kimkins

Okay, I have to tell everyone not reading this, I am very happy that I made the decision to join Kimkins and follow the plan. I officially started it on June 9, today is the 15th, and I've lost 10 lbs. That's because I am sticking to it and I really don't want to cheat this time. One little cheat could hurt, and I know that, and why would I want to see the numbers go up?

I've weighed myself everyday. Here are the daily stats:
Sunday: -4
Monday: 0
Tuesday: -3
Wednesday: - 1
Thursday: -1
Friday: -1

I mean, it should be harder because basically I am living on chicken and eggs, but I am learning to adapt. I have found another Starbucks drink to replace my love affair with Frappuccinos. I have graduated to an Iced Caffe Americano with SF Hazlenut Syrup. Now I get a bigger caffeine kick, too!

I don't know what makes this plan different in that I don't want to cheat. I mean, when The Walrus and I would vow to go on diets together (not nearly as strict as Kimkins), I felt I could get away with little cheats here and there if he didn't find out about them. I thought "I could eat this, and probably not have it affect me, and if doesn't know, that's even better." (Sorry, honey!). I didn't want to hurt him, but I was perfectly fine hurting myself. Weird, huh?

I haven't told any IRL people about this plan, other than hubby. I am just going to let them watch the weight come off and wonder. I am going to celebrate the day my MIL says: "You're not a short, round person anymore!" She often refers to herself and me as such.

I am going to weigh myself again tomorrow, and then I am going to have The Walrus hide the scale until Friday morning (or until I beg him to bring it out, whichever comes first).

Oooohhh, I am going to be MILF someday!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Kimkins Update, Day Two

Well, let me tell ya, I got discouraged on Saturday morning after my first day of Kimkins because my scale did not move. WHAT?? I ate SO well!! Well, it turns out that a Dairy Queen chicken breast has 18g of carbs! And with lettuce and tomato, it's 19g. So, when I thought I was eating well, I was actually going over the no-more-than 20g for the day. I actually hit 40.

Don't eat DQ chicken breasts if you are trying to go low-carb.

So, actually my first day of Kimkins was Saturday. I did really well, and I'm proud of myself. I woke up this morning with a loss. I am going to wait and post my entire week's loss on Friday. But I'm happy. I'm sticking to it.

Now, I've got to get people to this blog to help me be accountable!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Future MILF Weigh-In

I promised myself I'd do it, and I'm doing it:
Weight on 6/4/07: --9 (all time highest weight)
Weight on 6/8/07: --5
Pounds lost: 4!!

I lost 4 lbs just doing my own thing. Cut out a lot of crap food, that's for sure. Granted, the original weigh-in was on the second day of my cycle, so maybe that 4 lb. loss is attributed to that, but it is still nice to see the scale move - and move DOWN!

Kimkins update:
I'm doing it! Today is Day One and I had two scrambled eggs(non-fat cooking spray), and two slices of Jeannie-O Lean Turkey Ham for breakfast.

I need to stock up on eggs and chicken. Or, buy a hen and a rooster... that might be cheaper at this point.

I will be weighing myself frequently, as you lose a lot on Kimkins, but I might wait to post my results until next Friday.

Look for my "before" pictures later today. That might be a weekly update, as well.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Okay, I have to admit that when I first heard of this WOE called Kimkins I was a little irritated at the name. I am not one for cutesy bullshit.

It was Monday night and I was on my way home from my acupuncture appointment and I decided to swing by Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. While in line I took a look at Woman's World magazine and they had "Better Than Gastric Bypass" on the cover. Showed a picture of woman who lost 100 lbs in 5 months, and another who lost 200 in 11 months.

Ya know, it sounds too good to be true, right? Eh, well, I threw it on the belt anyway and took it home.

I ignored it until Tuesday night when I decided to do some light reading in bed. It's basically an alternative to Atkins and the weight pretty much just falls off.

Yup, I know. You're only supposed to lose 1-2 a week, right? Well, I've tried that. Now it's time to get serious.

Tomorrow, Friday, I am starting Kimkins. I signed up for the one-time 59.95 fee (that's a lifetime membership) and have access to the plans, the grocery lists, the forums, you name it.

I am a little scared. This will definitely be the most restrictive plan I've ever tried, but I am starting to feel that maybe I need restrictions. I use food too much, and when I am given a little leeway I take full advantage. Then I blow my whole healthy WOE and I give up. This is going to take some serious behavior modification, too. But, they pretty much promise if you follow the plan (basically low-carb and low-fat), the weight will fall off quickly. I, like most people, need instant gratification as a result of hard work, so... I'm giving it a go. Besides, as someone on that website said, food should be used as fuel, not entertainment.

Check out the Kimkins website. I would love to have other Future MILFs accompany me on my journey so if anyone decides to try this plan, please get in touch. I am going to post my Future MILF Weigh-In tomorrow, along with a picture of me on Day One of Kimkins. I am going to faithfully blog and be an inspiration to Future MILFs everywhere.

Even if the name is just cutesy bullshit, I am gonna do it.

'Til tomorrow.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Holy Fatness, Batman!

I'm a brand new me, alright. I'm at the highest weight I've ever been (excluding pregnancy). Not gonna post it on this blog, though, because I'm still trying to hide the number from my hubby. My plan is to tell him I what I weighed before I lost all the weight.

I am going to check out the Fit For Life method. Going to keep doing some research/reading/asking around, but I will report my findings here.

I know a few people who have been following the philosophy of The Secret. Anyone out there have testimonials to it? I'm a typical bandwagon jumper-on-er, but for some reason, I haven't totally bought into this yet. However, I do agree that being positive about yourself is important.

So, I am going to be turning over a few new leaves today.

1) Gotta get this weight off. So sick of the MIL referring to herself and me as the "short, round ones." I am ready for her to have no more reason to call me "round", unless I get blessed with another bun in my oven.

2) Gotta DECLUTTER! Oy! So much crap around here. Where does it all come from, and where should it all go. Someone just recommended Organized Home and I've skimmed it a bit. Seems to have some tips that will really work for me.

3) Cut out more icky chemicals, bring in more natural stuff. I'm doing well with this. I've cut out soda (or pop, if you prefer) thus drastically reducing my intake of artificial sweeteners. I've switched from aluminum-filled, Parkinson's-inducing commercial deodorant to a deodorant stone. I'm not a sweaty person, so the anti-perspirant isn't necessary (or healthy) and the deodorant stone actually works. No stinky Nikki here! Also, (TMI WARNING!) I've been without tampons for a year, using a Diva Cup instead. Seriously, ladies, it's not as scary as you might think.

So many more things need to change and I know it's baby steps, but I am going to do it. Can someone PLEASE hold me accountable?

Sunday, June 3, 2007

I Am READY For A Brand New Me!!!

I am ready. Let's do this. Watch for my Future MILF weigh-in on Friday, with all the other devotees. I am going to kick some fat ass!!