Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lost: Nicole Richie

Okay, don't forget to scroll down to my new Future MILF Weigh-in post after reading this, but in it I forgot to mention that the weight loss total between The Walrus and I is as follows:

The Walrus: 37
Me: 48
Total: 85 lbs. = (pre-pregnancy) Nicole Richie!

We have lost ONE WHOLE PERSON between the two of us. If she weren't so tragic, it would be funny.


Lotta said...

Wow! Just wow! YOU are the MILF inspiration!

Hey could you email me at I can't find your email and I'm trying to send out the Future MILF swap list today. Thanks!

Northern Michigan Mom said...

How awesome that the Walrus is on board with you! So happy for you, and hoping to have some of that great news of my own to post someday! I'll keep checking back for more great news.