Monday, October 8, 2007

So, uh, yeah...

Current Weight: 190

Yup. I've gained 8 lbs. How? Just not watching what I eat, and indulging in some foods that I had been avoiding for a long time. It's kind of crazy that I'd gain so much in such a short period of time, but I am also on my period so perhaps some of it can be attributed to that.

So, part of the program for self-motivation is to hold myself accountable and weigh-in every day, and post my weight so I can't lie to myself or my two readers (ha ha!).

My plan is to stick to Kimkins because I know the weight will come off fast. I know losing fast isn't the healthiest way and I know Kimkins is controversial, but it is motivating to watch the weight come off fast, and we are looking toward trying to get pregnant after the first of the year, and I need to be a healthier vessel for a baby to grow. Besides, I'd rather get to a normal weight fast than sit at "obese" on the charts for any longer.

Still working out nearly every day. Also had some Reiki done. I've also made the decision to make this blog about overall health and wellness, as I know good mental health is just as important as physical health. And those close to me know I could use a good mental/emotional cleansing.

More to come later... but for now, yes, I am back to 190 lbs... and after I just bought a pair of 16 petite pants (as opposed to 16W!!). They still fit, though.

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